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Prakash Chakiチャキ プラカシュSystem Platform Research Laboratories
Joined the Company in 2013

Prakash Chaki japanese

Reason for joining NEC

I majored in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Communication and Signal Processing in graduate school in India. I always wanted to take up research as my profession and was more than happy when I came across the job profile offered by NEC at my university. The research that I was doing in my university had a lot of overlap with what NEC's requirements were and I also wanted to challenge my skills by working in a country where the language spoken is completely new to me instead of staying in my "comfort zone". While the work profile was important, a lot of other things comes to mind when a fresher takes up his first job. I had read about Japan in my high school text books of History and Geography and it goes without saying that I wanted to have the experience of living and working in Japan because the first word that comes to my mind thinking of Japan is "respect".

My job

For the first 2 and half years since joining NEC, I was doing research on wireless networks. But from April 2016, I've been involved in research on Forward Error Correcting Codes (FEC) for the next generation of wireless communication systems.  My job involves study and in-depth comprehension of research papers, generating new ideas to solve the problems that exist in prior art, performing experimental evaluation of ideas, obtaining Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the company, publish research papers and then see it through till the end of the business chain. The work might seem demanding, but it is very interesting and I feel a deep sense of satisfaction doing it.


What I like about the organization and the job

I believe that when we do what we love and we love what we do, then work is more fun. FEC was a new assignment to me, so I had to start from scratch all over again, studying everything from the fundamentals to the most recently published developments. But difficulties in job are essentially what make them interesting, isn’t it? I love my job because my job, by its very inherent nature, requires me to explore the unexplored. Also, NEC takes great care in developing its employees in a systematic approach and my supervisor was kind enough to guide me through this new journey. I can also proudly say that I have a set of very supportive colleagues who have always been my side in need.


Challenges that I would like to take on going forward

NEC is moving steps closer to become a global workforce where multiple cultures would mix and grow; I wish to take up the challenges proactively and contribute to this dynamic work culture. My immediate goal is to work meticulously to produce competitive innovation that can potentially set NEC ahead of others in the business and live up to the expectations of the customers, that people have from this century-old organization. I believe we grow up faster when we try to come out of our respective comfort zones and push our boundaries ignoring the fear of failure. With the sort of diverse experiences I have had so far in my life including something like learning a new language from scratch in parallel to my work, I wish to take forward NEC's rich value system and work culture forward and contribute towards making it a global brand.


Message to foreign exchange students who are currently job hunting

My message to everyone would be simply to follow your heart. If you are self-motivated, love to challenge yourself and willing to explore your all-round potential, then NEC is the right place for you. NEC is carrying the century-old legacy of trendsetting innovation and boasts a huge youth workpower that is ready to take on any challenge of the rapidly changing business world. The mix of this experience and youth with all the pathbreaking achievements of NEC in background, makes it a very dynamic worksystem to be part of. Besides, living and working in this amazingly beautiful country with deep-rooted culture and traditions will offer you endless things to learn and help you grow faster.