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Introduction of foreign employees Software Development

Jiajun Gu顧 佳駿IT Platform Division
Joined the Company in 2009

顧 佳駿

Reason for joining NEC

My university professor had worked at NEC and he was a top-level researcher. I had been thinking that NEC was attractive on the view that it is a company that cultivates people like him. Another reason behind my wish to join the Company was that it is a major corporation that is expanding globally. I also felt that it is a good company based on the hospitable attitudes of the recruiters.

My job

My current job duty is to promote overseas sales of data storage. I continue to have a hard time dealing with the major difference in the volume of information (product introductions, etc.) between Japan and overseas, and my thoughts, every day, are on how I can narrow this gap in a smart way.
Also, even if a product can be sold in Japan, there are times when they do not work overseas. For this reason, I am constantly learning about the markets and business customs in local areas. What I find especially valuable are personal connections. The ability to find the right person who I can rely on if I request something at the right place greatly affects work efficiency. I also believe that willingly responding to a request if I am asked to do something will lead to building personal connections.


What I like about the organization and the job

I focus on ho-ren-soh (phonetically means spinach, but ho stands for report, ren for contact and soh for seeking counsel), given that there are people who care about me and help me at NEC. I am mindful of not forgetting to inform related parties and sharing information.
I conduct local training overseas on the Company’s proprietary products and the fact that people still call me sensei (teacher) makes me happy, as local members have recognized me for my knowledge of the products and my unique lecture style.
I feel great responsibility, but my desire to respond to their expectations is strong as well and has served as a driving force behind my efforts.


Challenges that I would like to take on going forward

As a medium-term target, I would like to go to the APAC countries in the China region and push forward with product information through product training and cultivate a local key person. I collect information from local members and provide feedback on product planning as a way to understand local markets and business customs.
As a long-term target, I am aiming to become a manager of a local subsidiary and would like to do my utmost toward NEC’s global development.


Message to foreign exchange students who are currently job hunting

Even if you are an exchange student, do not forget that you will be treated in the same way as a Japanese student. You should sell yourself after analyzing companies.
First, you should analyze yourself to see what you would like to do. Next, organize your special characteristics in terms of what you can really do. And then pick out the points that differentiate you from others. Finally, you should be able to leave a good impression by being able to sell yourself while being cognizant of your own self worth.