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Christian Soetjiptoスチプト クリスチアンSDN/NFV Division
Joined the Company in 2014

Christian Soetjipto japanese

Reason for joining NEC

I have always wanted to be involved in social contributions ever since I was a student, and I became interested in the field of infrastructure, because that is an area where you can make a great contribution to the lives of others. I was attracted by NEC in particular and decided to apply, because the Company provides solutions by utilizing ICT, while taking various social problems into account. I could also relate to its messages, such as growth strategies, because they were philosophical, which was the reason why I eventually decided to join the Company.

My job

I propose SDN/NFV* solutions to overseas customers. More specifically, the sales representatives of our local subsidiary companies discover the issues and requests of individual customers, then I design solutions that best reflect the Company's wide variety of assets before the sales representatives and members of our subsidiary, Netcracker, propose them to our customers.
I play a role that is similar to a project manager. I find it difficult to form opinions with staff who are based overseas without actually seeing their faces. Even if we speak the same language when communicating with each other, difficulties occasionally arise due to cultural differences, or from having a different way of thinking. When things like that occur, I use Skype and try to have a video chat before discussing the issue at hand.


What I like about the organization and the job

The Company boasts a wide variety of assets, and I get a sense of fulfillment from the fact that I am able to contribute to society by putting them to use. If my abilities and the power of the Company's ICT solutions are combined, I believe that we can make the lives of people more convenient and prosperous across the globe.
Where I work, my superiors who assume the position of the heads of the department often ask me questions or assign tasks to me directly, which suggests that they actively seek the opinions of junior staff members. Even at group meetings, there is a rule that staff who are in charge must speak first before managers. There is a deep-rooted culture that encourages junior staff members to speak up. This allows me to freely express my views.


Challenges that I would like to take on going forward

I would like to be closer to our customers and to hear the voices of customers more directly before proposing solutions for both business and technological reasons. To do so, I must deepen my understanding of the Company's values, as well as the businesses and environments of individual customers.
While I work, I am consistently mindful of who I am working for. If you say that you work because you were instructed to do so by your superior, it merely provides you with a reason. That reason is not enough to truly motive you. While the answer may vary from person to person, I personally believe that you must work to make yourself and other people happy. Only then can you find sufficient motivation for yourself to proceed further, undeterred by setbacks.

*Software-Defined Networking/Network Functions Virtualization


Message to foreign exchange students who are currently job hunting

It may be difficult to find a company that completely fulfills your dreams. I would like to suggest that you first find a company where you feel you can work, in a field where you have an interest. Then you can search for what you would like to truly achieve after joining the company, while enjoying your daily progress.