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Qian Zhou周 倩1st Manufacturing Industries Solutions Division
Joined the Company in 2014

周 倩 japanese

Reason for joining NEC

I was attracted by the people working at the Company. While job hunting, I met numerous employees from the Company through various occasions, such as the company information session, internship, and interview processes. I was impressed that all of them were so kind to me. I was also attracted by the Company’s wide business areas ranging from sea beds to the universe, as well as its positive attitude towards global expansion. Those were the reasons why I decided to join the Company.

My job

I am a sales representative for automobile component manufacturers. The demand for operational efficiency is high among automobile component manufacturers. I normally obtain production status data from each site to make the issues visible, then assess what to improve in terms of quality, cost and delivery time before proposing solutions. In addition to ICT, I also need to be knowledgeable about automobile components and overall trends in the automobile industry. Initially I struggled a lot, but I managed to overcome it with help from senior staff members from whom I could seek advice on any issue, and the superiors who guided me through.
As for work, I always take great care to keep my promises. I am a sales person who represents the Company, so I always try to sincerely respond to customers and keep promises in order to gain their trust. I am also mindful of having actual conversations when communicating with customers, not doing everything via email alone. Misunderstandings may occur if we simply exchange text information. To avoid that, I try to have face-to-face conversations whenever possible. If it is not possible, I try to talk on the phone.


What I like about the organization and the job

I feel a sense of fulfillment when customers and other staff members thank me. It can be a good indicator in order to judge how much of a contribution you are making through your daily work.
Once I made a great effort to explain our proposal to a customer. Later I found out that the customer got in touch with my superior to say thanks then asked him to nurture me, because I was doing my very best. I am aware that I still have a lot to learn, but I felt so happy because the customer recognized the value of my work.


Challenges that I would like to take on going forward

I would like to take on a start-up project from scratch. Specifically, I would like to be involved in the start-up at a new overseas base. We can now take on projects in foreign locations easily because of our senior staff members. They worked hard to launch overseas bases in the past, so we owe a great deal to them. I would like to return the favor, while hoping to make it easier for junior staff members to advance into foreign markets in the future. I wish to work as a start-up member of a new base so that I can make a contribution by recreating the successes of our senior staff members.


Message to foreign exchange students who are currently job hunting

The job hunting period is important, because you are required to consider what you would like to do with your life as well as the type of job that is right for yourself. You may face challenges along the way, but you have to believe that the perfect company is waiting for you. Do not give up on your dreams and try to enjoy the job hunting process.